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The after effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in many regulations being imposed on Centre’s and venues like ours which has in turn forced us in to restructuring the way we have ran our Pre School classes.

Below are some of the changes to what you knew as the pre-school classes before the pandemic.

Pre-School classes will be moved to our new dedicated pre-school room on the second floor. This is an isolated room specifically set up for the pre-school classes with many pieces of familiar equipment from the main gym but only for use by the pre-school gymnasts.

Classes will now be 45 minutes long and £8 per session, paid in the normal monthly way, one month in advance. 

Class times will be:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.





The biggest change involves you the parent. Instead of waiting and watching on the balcony, you will now take a very active role in the class as your child’s personal hands on assistant. You taking this new active role will not only give you the opportunity for a bit of a workout but will help us to comply with the current ‘hands off’ coaching guidelines that are in place at the present time.

This means that only the gymnast and one adult can attend these sessions or even enter the building. Due to social distancing there is nowhere for any additional adults or children/siblings to be in the building, we know this will cause some of you problems but unfortunately this is the protocol we have to work with so that we can get Europa youngsters back in the gym enjoying their activities. The classes will only have 8 gymnasts and 8 adults along with the main coach and an assistant coach to deal with any problems that may arise during the class.

Before you arrive for each visit you will be required to fill in an online Covid-19 declaration form.


There will be social distancing spots upon entry to the building (either via the car park or outside the main front door) and again there will be further spots outside the new dedicated pre-school room.

When you arrive at the Centre you and your child will both have a temperature check and be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided before making your way up stairs to the new room.

 You and your child will enter the new pre-school room and place all belongings in a freshly sanitised cubbyhole.

 Lockers and water fountains will not be available to use so please bring a labeled water bottle for you and your child to use during the session when required.


 If this sounds like a class you would like your child to be involved with please don’t hesitate in registering your child for one of these classes, please log into your parent portal and selecting the class day and time you require. Once again there are only 8 spaces per class, so if the class you require is either showing no spaces available or is not on the list of available classes, it's because the spaces have already been filled, and unfortunately it means the class is unavailable. 

We are really excited about being able to restart our new look Pre School classes and welcoming you all back to the Centre, all be it in a different way to what we are all used to!