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When deciding which school to send your children to or what gym to join you take a number of things into consideration before making your decision. There are many different Martial Arts and Clubs, far to many to go through in detail here, but it is important that you find the right Martial Art or Club for your needs. Karate is only one of these Martial Arts and Kyodai karate is only one club of many.

Karate is both an art and philosophy, because each person has a different personality, this reflects in their interpretation. Therefore, Karate masters founded their own school, teaching their style or Ryu. Kyodai is the name given to our Ryu, which is based upon Kyokushin, which was originated by the master, Masutatsu Oyama.


At Kyodai karate we will encourage students to achieve the highest standard in one's self, building confidence and self-awareness. Our aim is to provide all students with the opportunity to learn and practice Karate in the Kyodai way. The first step to becoming a martial artist is the same for everyone. You need to come and take that big first step through the door.


To help you decide Kyodai karate's first lesson is always free, just come along and try it out.


Contact Richard Cullen 6th Dan on 07789920819 to start training here at Europa Gynastics Centre!

Europa Gymnastic Centre, Vimy Way, Crayford, DA1 4ND



Europa Gymnastics Centre

Monday - 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday - 7pm - 9pm

With Richard Cullen


David Lloyd Dartford

Thursday - 7pm - 9pm

Friday - 7pm - 9pm

With Tony Cullen


Welling Youth Centre


With Nicole Porter





Kyodai - Brothers

Kyoku - Ultimate

Shin - Truth


A circle encloses the whole Kanku, implying continuity and circular movement.