recreational gymnastics

Our Recreational Gymnastics classes are open to any child from the ages of 4 to 16. Participants will make use of Europa’s Olympic-grade equipment, under the supervision and tutelage of fully qualified and DBS checked coaches. This progressive training programme aims to build and improve upon basic gymnastic skills, whilst at all times emphasising the safety and enjoyment of all taking part.


Children within the Recreational Gymnastics programme will be working towards an event day, held towards the end of each course. You, as parents and guardians, are invited to attend these days in support of your children. These days can consist either of club competitions with gymnasts from other centres, or badge and award days where participants’ achievements within the course are recognised and rewarded.


Recreational Gymnastic classes run continually throughout the year with a break over the Christmas Period.

 Entry into this programme requires a yearly club membership of £30 & require British Gymnastics membership which you can pay via the BLUE button below.

Fees are payable on a monthly basis!

Europa Centre, Vimy Way, Crayford, Kent. UK. DA1 4FA 
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