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Due to the after effects of the Covid 19 pandemic we have changed how we run our Gym Zone sessions.


All sessions will be booked online. There will be restricted numbers and session times have changed to allow for cleaning in between sessions.


Before you arrive for each visit you will be required to fill in an online Covid declaration form on each day that you visit. A separate form needs to be completed for all members in your party.

Our sessions will be held at Vimy Way.


When you arrive at the centre, your party will have a temperature check and head upstairs to the first floor, there will be spots on the floor in the corridor to ensure social distancing before entering the gym. You and your children will enter the gym and place all belongings in a cubby hole.

Please leave bulky items and buggies in your car. You may bring a bottle of water in but this must be kept in your cubby hole.

Lockers and water fountains will not be available to use.

All members of your group must sanitize their hands before entering the gym.

Toilet facilities will be minimal so please encourage everyone to go before you leave.

£7 per ticket. Each ticket is for a 3 person head count (2 children with 1 adult or 2 adults with 1 child)

In order to keep within the government guidelines, we must operate our sessions with strict numbers to enable social distancing. Gym Zone prices are subject to change due to covid restrictions in place currently.

Please remember, these guidelines are enforced upon us by not only the government and British Gymnastics but also the local authority and our insurance. Our staff will make sure you have followed our instructions before you enter the building, so please try not to get frustrated with them if you have misunderstood or misinterpreted something that might delay you entering. We know it’s a lot to take in but everything we have put in place is to keep you, your children and our staff safe. Thank you for your understanding!