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New legislation General Data Protection Regulations has placed legal obligations on businesses that process personal data and has created rights for people whose personal data is processed.

At Europa Centre we take your privacy seriously and ensure your personal information is kept secure. We will only use your personal information for contractual purposes to administer your account or, use in the event of an emergency and provide the service you have requested from us.

From time to time we would like to communicate with you, with details of news, events, competitions, special offers, or respond to any comments or questions you may send us or, about changes to our terms and conditions.

Keeping in contact
By opting in to this policy you agree to us contacting you by Email or telephone
We will only contact you if you have given us permission to do so.
You may also opt out at anytime however, we will not be able to contact you from then on.





1. The aim of our club is to support acceptable behaviour and respect for others. Good behaviour is valued and encouraged, e.g. friendliness to others, willingness to share and good manners. We will always explain to the member if their behaviour is unacceptable, e.g. fighting, bullying, bad language, calling names, selfishness, endangering themselves and others. Parents (if applicable) will always be involved in helping us to support continued acceptable behaviour.
2. The Europa Centre is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all members. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. If bullying does occur, members should tell a member of staff and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. Europa Centre has an anti-bullying policy as follows:-
3. Bullying will always be reported and dealt with accordingly.
4. Members will be appropriately supported throughout
5. In serious cases, if applicable parents will be contacted.
6. If it is considered that a member's behaviour is incompatible with the safe enjoyment of an activity, the Europa Centre reserves the right to exclude any member from taking part in that activity. Under these conditions no refund will be given.
7. Any complaints can be made in writing to our Operations Manager. Please provide full contact details to ensure the matter can be dealt with swiftly.
8. The Europa Centre has its own welfare officers who are available as a first point of contact for any matter arising with regards to the welfare of the Members. Please see staff notice board for details on the current officers/representatives.
9. Please consider your actions when using or posting on Social Networking sites, any comments, pictures etc. and the effect it may have on the Centre, its members, non-members, other sporting clubs/associations or their members. Any derogatory comments made or inappropriate pictures posted about the Centre, its members, non-members, other sporting clubs/associations or their members may result in your membership being terminated.
10. Abuse towards staff, volunteers and members will not be tolerated.
11.  The Europa Centre operates a no refund policy. Credits will only be considered for medical reasons supported by a doctor's note at the discretion of the management.


Personal Property


1.  Lockers are available for our members outside the toilets and in the changing rooms.
2. The Europa Centre cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost or stolen on the premises. The Europa Centre is a multi-activity venue. The Centre is used by various sporting hirers, therefore the Europa Centre cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items anywhere in the building. Our advice is to clearly label all belongings with their name. We advise that you do not bring any items of value such as jewellery, watches, mobile phones, tablets etc.
3. Please ask reception for the location of the Lost Property. Please note that during the children's school holidays all lost property will be disposed of or donated to charity.

1.  For safety purposes:
a. Members should wear comfortable clothing to allow freedom of movement while at the same time clothing must not be too loose-fitting for safety reasons, Denim is not allowed. Leotards for girls and leotards & shorts for boys are preferred for gymnastics classes.
b. All long hair must be neatly tied back with no exceptions. Hair beads are not allowed.
c.  It is forbidden to wear jewellery of any description in the gymnasium. Religious jewellery must be taped or covered (with high neck, long sleeves or wrist bands etc.).
d. Gymnastic Members must be barefoot during training times unless there are any medical reasons, which should be discussed with the coach in charge of the child's class at the start of the lesson.
e. Children are advised to come already changed in their gymnastics clothing.


Safety & Registrations (Before and After the Class)


1. Parents and other family members are not permitted inside the gymnasium. For activities other than gymnastics please talk to the appropriate responsible person running that particular activity.
2. Children must register at reception upon arrival. Children and parents must wait in the corridor to be called into the class.
3.  You must drop off your child in the gymnastics hall ensuring that they enter the class via the correct gym door when told to do so. The responsibility of the child is then handed over to the Europa Centre staff.
4.  While in the gymnasium every effort will be made to ensure the safety of all class members. It is the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure their safety when the child is not taking part in their class. The Europa Centre is only responsible for your child while they are taking part in their specific class time not before or after.
5. Parents must not enter the gymnasium. Parents do not need to stay for the duration of the class.
6. Children are not allowed to bring a drink into the gym as there are water fountains situated outside the gym doors 2 & 3.
7. Children will be lined up at the end of the class antaken to the parents pick up area. Once the children have been dismissed they are no longer the responsibility of the Europa Centre Staff.
8. You must collect your child at the parents pick up area unless a member of staff tells you to do otherwise. We do not release the child until they recognise you as their parent. Once the child's class has ended and the child has been returned to you, the responsibility of the child is no longer that of the Europa Centre. Children cannot be left in the centre without supervision if they are not involved in a structured activity. If you are running late please let us know so that a member of staff can continue to take responsibility for your child until you arrive. We advise that you put our number on your mobile phone so you can easily contact us. If you choose to drop off or collect your child in any other way then stated above, please let us know in writing addressing your intentions to our Welfare Officer ensuring your child's name is clearly visible, this will also mean that as soon as the class has ended the responsibility of the child is no longer the Europa Centre's. If you chose not to adhere to any of the rules with regards to dropping off and collecting your child then you cannot hold the Europa Centre responsible for the child other than during the class times your child is enrolled in
9.Toilets: Please ask your child to go to the toilet before the class starts. The children will be required to go to the toilet on their own. If you are not happy with your child being sent to the toilet on their own then you must be available throughout the class to assist them.


Medical Issues


1. If an applicant has any medical details that we need to know about you must complete the Medical Details section when registering your child.

2. Any child that requires an inhaler must have it clearly marked with the child's name. It should be handed to the coach in charge of the class at the beginning of the lesson for safekeeping and collected again at the end. The Staff may assist the child, but the child must actually administer the medication. Should your child require other medication they should either be able to administer it themselves, or have a parent or responsible adult at the Centre on hand to do so. Any medical details should be recorded on a separate medical details form which if needed you can pick up from reception.
3. If at any time during the membership year your child's medical details change that may affect them participating in any activities, you must update these changes on the medical details section and inform the coach in charge of your child's class immediately.
4. All incidents and accidents will be recorded.


Photo's & Footage


1. From time to time we may take photos or footage of our members in the Centre and place them on our notice board, website, in newspapers, on television or use them for promotional purposes. If you do not wish for the named applicants image(s) or footage to be used in any way you must let us know in writing immediately addressing the letter to the "Europa Welfare Officer" ensuring that the applicants name is clearly visible. Unfortunately if you do decide not to allow us to take photos or footage of your child this could result in your child not being able to take part in club events.

Monthly Fees, payments Dates & Class Age Groups


1. Our classes run throughout the year with only a break at Christmas.
2. The preferred way of paying fee's is via our Customer Portal. However, Fees can be paid by Cash or Credit/Debit Card (We do not accept American Express). We also take Credit/Debit Card Payments over the phone. We do not post credit card receipts, your receipt will be destroyed after the transaction unless you request us to retain it.
3. Class fees are payable in advance on a Monthly basis. The number of classes available per Month can be different. This results in a difference in cost per Month. We will send you a statement via email before the fees are due outlining the cost per Month, these are also available at reception. Fees must be paid between the 21st and the 28th of the month during the month prior to which you are paying for. Ie. You must pay by the 28th September for October.


Class Age Groups and Times


1. Our Pre-School & Recreational classes are structured to follow the national school age used to assign which school year a child should be in. Towards the end of a school year we will email all parents who have children that are due to move up to the next class structure.


Pre School Classes - for children age 3 and 4 years - Various Daytime classes

Recreational Classes
Years Reception  Mon - Fri 4-5pm and Sat 9-10am

Year 1 - Mon-Fri 4.30-5.30pm and Sat 9.30-10.30am
Year 2 - Mon-Fri 5-6pm and Sat 10-11am

Year 3 - Mon-Fri 5.30-6.30pm Sat 10.30-11.30am
Year 4 - Mon-Fri 6-7pm and Sat 11am-12pm

Year 5 - Mon-Fri 6.30-7.30pm Sat 11.30-12.30pm
Years 6+ Mon - Fri 7-8pm and Sat 12-1pm

Please note times may vary.


4. If your child attends any classes during a Month then you are liable for the full month regardless of attendance and no refunds will be given.
5. There are no discounts or refunds for illness as you are paying for your child's space within the class. The full month payment is due regardless of your child's attendance. If your child does not attend any classes for more than 3 weeks without you notifying us then their space will be given to the next child on the waiting list. If there is a situation where the child has a long term illness or injury then you will need to discuss the matter with Reception co-ordinator and not assume that you will not be charged if your child is not attending.
6. The Europa Centre runs a Family discount scheme. Discounts on fees are only applicable if you pay at the correct time stated above. The Family Discount is only applicable when paying the full month for all family members at the correct time.
7. Please be aware that if your child decides not to continue at Europa anytime during the membership year, you must inform us before the end of the current month to avoid being liable for the next month's full payment. Membership and Insurance is non-refundable. If you are moving to a new club, your British Gymnastics Membership & Insurance along with your London affiliation can be transferred.
8. We do appreciate that you could at some point in the membership year be going on holiday and the children will not be attending the class they are enrolled into. So, as long as you let us know the classes your child will be missing before you make the payment for the month that includes the classes your child is going to miss we will discount your fee to a maximum of 3 weeks per membership year. However this is not possible unless you let us know in advance or if you are paying your child's fees late. The 3 weeks can be taken all at once or as individual weeks.
9. We may also on occasions have to cancel classes due to events taking place at the centre. We will always let you know of any class closures in advance of you paying the month fee and will of course discount you accordingly.